Humboldt Capital Corporation
Humboldt Capital Corporation
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Humboldt is an investment company with its holdings concentrated in the resource sector.

Corporate Profile

Humboldt Capital Corporation is an investment company with its holdings concentrated in the resource sector.

The Company’s principal business philosophy is to purchase securities for investment income and capital appreciation over the long term. This is based on Humboldt’s experience that both business cycles and company growth trends provide optimum returns with a longer term investment strategy. As such, Humboldt tends to avoid short term trading positions believing that investments in companies, with well thought out growth plans, will benefit Humboldt’s shareholders over the long term.

Humboldt provides early stage risk capital, business experience and guidance to small oil and gas enterprises with attractive prospects and motivated high quality management. Humboldt also makes investments in other businesses that have potential for growth. Humboldt appoints representatives to the boards of directors of companies in which more significant investments are made, and is proactive in ensuring management maintains well considered, long term business plans. Humboldt’s investment strategy of realizing value for investments where the Company holds a larger interest in the investee’s equity is to sell the investment as part of a liquidity event, usually involving the entire investee being sold. These events are timed to take advantage of commodity cycles or equity market cycles.

Humboldt has investments in western Canadian energy companies, international oil and gas companies and in the mining sector, with particular emphasis on companies exploring or producing commodities which Humboldt anticipates have growth potential in this stage of the economic cycle.